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Finest Grade Powder for All Powder Dispensing Units

Varn Anti-Set-Off Powders speed ink drying by forming a separation between the sheets of stock as they leave the press. They also break the suction effects of wet ink and static and prevent the ink from setting off onto the sheet above. Choose from a complete line of Regular (R-Series) and Coated (C-Series) powders. These powders provide outstanding performance in electronic units and air guns. Suitable for food contact from paper and paperboard packaging. 

Advantages of Varn Anti-Set-Off Powders

  • Can be overprinted 
  • Can be overvarnished
  • For electronic, air or solution guns


Regular Powder R-Series
Grade Micron Size
R-23 20-25
R-27 25-35
R-35 40-45
R-50 55-65


Coated Powder C-Series  
 Grade Micron Size
C-230  20-25
C-270 25-35
C-350 40-50
C-500 55-65
C-600 60-70