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  • Orange Hide: A cross linked orange silicone coating reduces the surface energy of the Printguard glass beaded surface. This means that ink does not want to stick to the Orange Hide surface. Less ink attraction = less marking = more profit. We apply 2X as much silicone as our competition.
  • Compressible Backings: Patented Compressable backing provides a compressible layer that ensures the surface of the glass beads lay perfectly flat and uniform across your entire cylinder- no more bubbles, ridges or voids that can cause marking! And, in most cases, no additional packaging is required.
  • Secure-Safe Stainless Steel Hardware/Elastic Loops: Durable elastic loops resistant to oils and solvents. They stretch just the right amount to allow for quick and easy attachment to your Heidelberg transfer/delivery cylinder. For SM-52, SM-74 and SM-102(post 1993). Secure-Safe stainless steel hardware with brass rivets are affixed to one or both jackets ends for a custom cylinder fit. Secure-Saft double fixturing method ensures the jacket is safely secured to your transfer cylinder.