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Code : Rollers
Be sure to ask about our press ready rollers available for immediate delivery.

Our Graphic Arts group can cover rollers up to:

  • 39" Inches diameter (1 meter).
  • 240" Inches overall length (6.1 meters).

Roller covers can be:

  • Grooved–complex patterns using CNC groover.
  • Crowned–parabolic and tapered
  • Specialty and blended compounds
  • Durometer & surface-finish to customer specifications

All RotaDyne rollers are laser inspected prior to shipping. As a part of our ongoing commitment to quality, we have incorporated the use of a laser micrometer during our manufacturing process. It evaluates diameter, runout, cylindricity, and other critical measurements to ensure:

  • Our rollers meet precise customer dimensional requirements.
  • Our rollers have the highest degree of quality possible

RotaDyne is one of the few international companies that can control all phases of manufacture for the graphic arts roller business. Designing and manufacturing cores, custom mixing of elastomers, covering rollers, rubber rollers and delivery are all performed in-house.

  • We are strategically located to offer local service.
  • We develop and mix all our own compounds.
  • Our fleet of delivery vehicles ensures on-time delivery of your order.

We are confident that you will find the RotaDyne Advantage an indispensable part of your operation.