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Cutting Sticks

Code : Cutting Sticks

RGS has ready to ship inventory on Cutting Sticks. Our sticks are made exclusively with a special grade of material called Kimoplastic™ the most durable, non-abrasive, and cost-effective material designed for paper cutting. The natural lubricity and self-healing characteristics of Kimoplastic™ will keep a Bladesaver stick on your machine long after other sticks have been rolled or replaced.


General Product Guide

Material     Color                   Quality     Hardness Shore "D"     Application

uPVC          Red                      Original       80-82                          Standard steel knives

HDPE         Green or White   Economy     67-68                          All knives except TCT

PP              Grey or Red          Universal    72-75                           All knives

Nylon          White                   Premium     80-83                          HSS & TCT knives